Friday, July 13, 2012

Recent Publications by Darien Shanske

Darien Shanske has published, or is about to publish, the following:

"A New Theory of the State Corporate Income Tax: The State Corporate Income Tax as Retail Sales Tax Complement," Tax Law Review (forthcoming 2013).

"The Trouble with Tax Increase Limitations," Albany Government Law Review,
(forthcoming 2012) (invited symposium piece) (with David

"The Saga of State ‘Amazon’ Laws: Reflections on the Colorado Decision," State
Tax Notes
, (forthcoming 2012).

"On Tax Increase Limitations: Part II – Evasion and Transcendence," 63 State
Tax Notes
245 (2012) (with David Gamage).

"Three Essays On Tax Salience: Market Salience and Political Salience," 65 Tax
Law Review 19 (2012) (with David Gamage).

"How Less Can Be More: Using the Federal Income Tax to Stabilize State and Local Finance, 31 Virginia Tax Review 413 (2012).

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