Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Zitrin on the Problems with Bar Discipline

Richard Zitrin has published two op-ed pieces in The Recorder on the general subject of the problems with bar discipline. In the first, published September 19, titled, "Bar Discipline? How Bad? Really Bad," he tracks three cases in which the bar "abjectly" failed to discipline three bad lawyers. In the second, published October 3, titled, "Sometimes Bar discipline too aggressive," he argues that the State Bar as a whole, and the Office of Trial Counsel in particular, often operates out of "fear and self-protection," which leads to overprosecution of cases. There will be a third installment.

Lefstin on New Inventor Disclosure Requirements

Jeff Lefstin has published an essay on the disclosure provisions of the new patent reform act, "Preclusive Inventor Disclosure Under Leahy-Smith." The essay was just published on PatentlyO, which is the nation's most-read patent law blog.