Sunday, June 10, 2012

Feldman on Rethinking Patent Law

Robin Feldman has published her second university press book, this one titled Rethinking Patent Law (Harvard Univ. Press). It has just been released. Here is the book description:

Scientific and technological innovations are forcing the inadequacies of
patent law into the spotlight. Robin Feldman explains why patents are causing so
much trouble. She urges lawmakers to focus on crafting rules that anticipate
future bargaining, not on the impossible task of assigning precise boundaries to
rights when an invention is new.

Here is a review of the book by Sonia Katyal, a leading mind in intellectual property law:

A beautifully written, engaging account of the bargain aspect of patent
entitlements. Feldman's influential theory transforms the way we look at
inventions and the laws protecting them. A pathbreaking work that is required
reading for anyone wishing to understand how our patent system operates—and how
it should change for the future.

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