Monday, March 19, 2012

Feldman on "Coming to the Community"

Robin Feldman has just published a chapter called "Coming to the Community" in Imagining New Legalities: Privacy and its Possibilities in the 21st Century, which is part of the Amherst Series in Law, Jurisprudence and Social Thought (Stanford Univ. Press). Here's a partial description of the chapter:

"In this (chapter), Robin Feldman argues that technological advancements have blurred the boundary between individual and society and confused the relationship between sovereign and citizen. In her view, the conceptualization of public and private as separate spheres may no longer be adequate to address those challenges. As Feldman observes, 'It is the fluidity of our interactions in a modern society that makes us particularly vulnerable and requires special attention to the protection of the individual.' According to Feldman, this 'special attention' demands reconceptualizing the issues of control embedded in any discussion of privacy in the information age."

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