Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bloch on the Models of Restorative Justice

Kate Bloch has published an article titled, "Reconceptualizing Restorative Justice," 7 Hastings Race & Poverty L. J. 201 (Winter 2010)(available from HeinOnline). This article sets forth two models of restorative justice, a "classic" version and a "hybrid" version. The "classic" version serves as a substitute for or part of an offender's court sentence, whereas that is not true of the "hybrid" version. The "hybrid" version contains a heavy dose of educational and rehabilitative programming, which may not be required in a "classic" version of restorative justice. Kate ultimately concludes that some combination of these approaches can, at least in some circumstances, "reduce recidivism and leave those involved with a greater sense of satisfaction with the justice process."

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