Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hazard on the Cultural Chasm Between Lawyers and Corporate Clients

Geoff Hazard has published an essay titled, "Legal and Managerial 'Cultures' in Corporate Representation," 46 Houston L. Rev. 1 (2009). The essay identifies six dimensions in which the culture of corporate clients and the culture of lawyers differ. (Geoff defines the "culture" of an organization as "the style and character in which its members typically behave in terms of effort, focus, efficiency, awareness, dedication, and ethical tone.) The six dimensions are (1) benefit versus burden; (2) certainty versus ambiguity; (3) subjectivity versus objectivity; (4) multiple versus single; (5) time horizons; and (6) task techniques. In writing this essay, Geoff conspicuously draws on Ascanio Piomelli's analysis of differences between low-pay clients and lawyers in "Cross-Cultural Lawyering by the Book: The Latest Clinical Texts and a Sketch of a Future Agenda," 4 Hastings Race & Pov. L. J. 131 (2006)(available from HeinOnline).

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