Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Shanske on Aristotle's Doctrine of Equity

Darien Shanske has just published an article called, "Revitalizing Aristotle's Doctrine of Equity," 4 Law, Culture & the Humanities 352 (2008). Here is the abstract:

This article argues for the contemporary relevance of Aristotle's doctrine of equity. Too often, similar arguments make this doctrine relevant by abstracting from the details of Aristotle's position or, conversely, fixating on details without due consideration of the epochal gap that separates us from Aristotle. After an initial survey of these limited approaches, the article proceeds to a more adequate account of Aristotle's doctrine of equity with the help of Heidegger. In particular, what Heidegger offers is a nuanced argument as to why Aristotle's manifest absorption in the concrete details of his face-to-face society is not a limitation to his doctrine, but a strength. We, no less than Aristotle, are enmeshed in logos, in a background ordering not at the command of our will, but we have a greater difficulty seeing this. Thus, where equity for Aristotle above all required expert engagement with logos, equity bids us first to acknowledge that the logos is.

Shockingly, this journal does NOT provide reprints and will not allow a post to SSRN for one year! But fear not, this blog is committed to providing the link to the SSRN post when it becomes available, if your Aristotle needs can wait that long!

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