Friday, June 13, 2008

Hastings Shines at Law & Society Conference

Dorit Rubenstein Reiss, Chimene Keitner, Karen Musalo, and Joanna Weinberg all presented papers at the recent Law & Society Conference. Dorit presented a paper titled, "Participation and Administrative Law: Getting the Benefits on the Cheap," in a panel on "Voice in the Law: Talking About and Responding to Laws and Regulations." Here's the link: <>
Dorit also presented a paper titled, "Litigating as Delay Tactic: Universal Service in France," in a panel called "Regulatory Governance -- Regulation and Markets: Untangling Relationships." Here's the link: <>
Karen Musalo presented a paper on U.S.-Canada Refugee Policy in a panel called, "Refugee Law and Policy in the United States and Canada in Historical and Comparative Perspective." Here's the link: <>
Chimene Keitner presented her article "Conceptualizing Complicity in Alien Tort Litigation" (forthcoming in the Hastings Law Journal) in a panel called, "Challenging the National/International Distinction."

Joanna Weinberg presented a paper titled, "Democratic Science and Stem Cell Politics: Creative Tensions in Pursuit of a Moving Target." Joanna also chaired two panels, "Managing Health As A Public Good: Risks, Panics, and Accountabilities" and "The Politics of Regulation."

Radhika Rao participated in a roundtable called, "Reproducing Inequality: Law, Procreation, and Parenting in the 21st Century."

One of Ethan Leib's co-authored papers was presented (although he was not there himself): "Criminal Justice and the Challenge of Family Ties."

My source tells me that Dorit's work "got rave reviews"!

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