Saturday, August 25, 2007

Current Colloquium and Workshop Schedule -- Fall 2007

Here is the current schedule for faculty colloquia and workshops, subject to revision:

Monday, Aug. 20, 12:40-1:30: Jules Lobel, Professor, University of Pittsburgh

Wednesday, Aug. 29, 12:40-1:30: David Faigman, Distinguished Professor

Wednesday, Sept. 5, 12:40-1:30: Beth Hillman, Visiting Professor (Rutgers, Camden)

Monday, Sept. 10, 3:40-4:30: Joel Paul, Professor of Law

Wednesday, Sept. 19, 12:40-1:30: William Dodge, Professor of Law

Monday, Sept. 24, 12:40-1:30: Scott Sundby, Sydney and Frances Lewis Professor of Law, Washington & Lee

Wednesday, Oct. 3, 12:40-1:30: Aaron Rappaport, Professor of Law

Tuesday, Oct. 9, 12:40-1:30: Paul Carrington, Professor and former Dean, Duke Law School

Wednesday, Oct. 17, 12:40-1:30: Chimene Keitner, Associate Professor

Monday, Nov. 26, 3:40-4:30: Adam Scales, Visiting Professor (Washington & Lee)

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